X-box and older Siblings

Research by Family Graffiti | Published on 20th February 2018

 Teenagers can be stroppy, lazy and obsessed with an x-box. Your older child is addicted to x-box and it’s affecting their health and behaviour, plus it’s influencing your younger child’s habits too. Both are glued to their gaming machines and nothing else seems to interest them. How can you convince them both to stop?


How do I get my children off their x-boxes.

I am asked this or similar questions a million times. This modern phenomenon (no not the x-box game) but he fact that parents do not consider when they purchase these compulsion driven games, that they need to teach their child how to self-regulate their usage. Instead they blame the child for spending too much time on their technology devices.

Firstly, we must accept that this techno-craze is a family problem, we are all implicit and we all need to improve our management of technology usage. Parents must respect their children’s need for an ‘x-box’ fix, be aware of outside peer influences and modern societies expectations. And have befief that with perseverance and faith in their children’s ability to learn new habits, much can be achieved through consistent and careful management. Your child’s ‘x-box addiction’ can be better regulated, if not defeated totally.

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