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Work with the inner child in your everyday parenting

Divorce & separation, death & loss – exploring family dynamics

How does Autism impact your child’s thought process?

Exploring childhood depression and building a child’s self-esteem

What is anxiety? Learn how to soothe and manage your child’s anxious thoughts

Understanding how the modern world is changing children’s emotional needs

Why is my child so angry? How anger and stress impact thoughts

Understanding your child’s relationship with food and eating

Exploring children’s relationship with sleep and bedtimes

How do we learn? Homeschooling, making friends and joining in




After feeling like we were getting no help or support
from the school we went looking for someone to see if they could find a way of getting through to our son.

After speaking to a family member she recommended Family Graffiti. I went along to a work shop and within 5 minutes of Morris speaking I knew I had found what I was looking for.

I felt the 1-2-1 would benefit my needs more then a group setting.

My first 1-2-1 gave me hope that there is actually going to be a positive ending. Both Morris and Gemma actually care about my family and made be feel comfortable speaking to them.