Therapeutic Parenting

What is Therapeutic Parenting?

If a child has many challenging moments and difficult behaviours, our natural tendency is to focus on these unwanted behaviours and eventually, the danger is that we will see only the problems.

The parenting challenge is to not lose sight of the strengths of the child and to see past the behaviour…

To recognise, reward and encourage the repeated exercising of these strengths that are often hidden by the problems.

There are many ways to look at difficult behaviour and we cannot ignore the unsafe or the aggressive.

But if we can determine that much poor behaviour comes from a child who cannot express their problems or their feelings, in any other way than what they know currently… then we can also recognise that there is a possibility for the Child to learn another way.

Therapeutic parenting is about being solution focused.


What are the benefits of being solution focused?

Solution Focused Parenting is about having the ability to look at “things that happen in the every day: and see them in a more useful way”.

Possessing a simple understanding that creates a calm, consistent, constant, continuum of creative thinking and intervention that develops a mind-set for every childhood occasion. Always striving to see what can be improved, rather than what needs to be stopped. How can I create a solution rather than addressing fault?

Solution focused parenting, coupled with CBT will teach a child to think before they act. It will give them the understanding and ability to ‘weigh up the consequences’ of their behaviour, actively seek their own better behaviour choices and build a resilience and better connection with their thoughts and feelings.

Family Graffiti give you the tools, support and advice you need to raise resilient, happy children in the modern world.


Our eWorkshops:

Solution focused parenting and cognition:

This eWorkshop explores Family Graffiti’s techniques, philosophy and parenting guidance in more detail. Looking at solution focused techniques and the cognitive process it’s the perfect place to begin your journey to calmer, happier and simpler parenting.

And best of all? It’s completely free!

Behaviour eWorkshop:

Learn how to improve your child’s go-to behaviour reactions with our simple, step by step Behaviour eWorkshop that will give you all the tools you need to practise your solution-focused parenting techniques.

Children are mirrors; they reflect behaviour back at us.

Did you know that 93% of learnt behaviour reflects what they see us do, and only 7% reflects what they hear us say? Subconsciously they record everything: the roles people play, the language people use, the environment in which they live and attitude within the family.


Communication eWorkshop: 

“Inside every behaviour is a child struggling to behave”

Learn how to recruit the inner child with your words and actions – not only will we teach you how to speak so they will listen; You’ll also learn how to teach them to communicate, make friends and thrive…

Discipline and Boundaries eWorkshop:

Giving you all the tools you need to instil a solution-focused parenting approach. Boundaries and discipline needn’t be fraught with tension and raised voices, no longer will you have to go around in circles.

This eWorkshop is full to the brim with tips, solutions and guides to instilling successful boundaries and limitations without inhibiting your child’s learning.


We have over 100 parenting guides on specific parenting problems from bedtime routines, dinner time battles, squabbling siblings and coping with the death of a loved one. All packed with step-by-step guidance to instil a solution focused approach and ensure your child thrives and flourishes no matter what life throws at you.


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We run regular workshops on every aspect of parenting from communication to childhood anxiety, frustration and anger, plus many more…

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Sometimes you just need to talk it through. We offer two types of 1-2-1 sessions online and face2face.

We’re solution focused and not regressive therapists, so we’ll listen and then provide you with solutions to move forward and make improvements from day 1.

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