Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw

The modern world is a tough place to navigate, we now have much more fluid and changing relationships both within the family and with friends, colleagues and strangers.

As a society we are much more connected, we can instantly connect and engage with people from across the world in just a click of a button. So can children.

We’re experiencing a rise in identity exploration and crisis’; we’re exploring our sexuality and gender in a much more open and fluid way, the ‘traditional’ family of is no longer the ‘norm’, bullying is no longer restricted to the school playground and 9am till 3pm; but mobile phones and the internet allow bullying to take place around the clock, anomalously and targeted, non-stop.

We share our life on social media platforms and seek acceptance with a ‘like’. Our role models are no longer athletes and singers, but can be everyday people who share their life through vlogs and blogs on the internet. As do our children.

There is a rise in terrorism, and media is reporting not just local events but events from all over the world. We are constantly bombarded with marketing messages, health scares, bad news… we no longer seek media, we are surrounded by it. So are our children.


So much has changed in the last decade alone, has our parenting?


Our children need new skills, help, support and guidance to face these modern world challenges. Not just ‘stranger-danger’ awareness, but skills to cope with the thoughts and feelings that arise from our new ‘connected’ world.

Did you know, according to a recent report from Public Health England, that in an average class of 30  15-year-old pupils:

Three could have a mental disorder

Ten are likely to have witnessed their parents separate 

One could have experienced the death of a parent 

Seven are likely to have been bullied 

Six may be self-harming


Family Graffiti’s parenting technique…

…introduces Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques into everyday parenting to give you the tools you need to raise resilient and happy children that can thrive in the modern world, not just throughout childhood, but into adulthood too.

Children that can think before they act.

Children who can better understand and connect their thoughts and feelings to behaviours.


Family eWorkshop:

Life with more than one child can be a battleground at times! This eWorkshop will empower you with parenting know-how to tackle sibling rivalry and balance sibling relationships and bring calm and harmony back to your household.

Dealing with change and transition eWorkshop:

This eWorkshop is designed to teach you how to help your child to cope with change and the guide you through developing childhood resilience.

Recently separated? This eWorkshop will teach you ways to help your children cope with a new parenting dynamic including an in-depth look at attachment and Separation.

Plus, a section on helping a child through the grieving process.


We’re here for you…

If you are experiencing a difficult life transition that has impacted your family and want to talk it through we’re here for you.

We can provide positive solutions to help you and your family move forward, and cope with change, a new family dynamic, loss or death in a healthy, productive way.

Get in touch today, online, face2face, wherever you are and however you need us.

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Join us in a group session

We regularly host workshops in and around Lincolnshire, join us for a workshop with other families experiencing similar situations to yourself and learn all about the benefits of CBT in modern parenting and how children deal with change and transitions psychologically.


Morris and Gemma are amazing and have pointed me in a direction where I can actually see the end of the tunnel after the first 1-2-1 meeting. Thank you so much, keep up the amazing work