Is this for real?… Parenting that is Futureproof

Research by Family Graffiti | Published on 20th April 2017

Enabling, Stimulating and Revolutionary

I was born thinking, so what is it that you want me to learn?

What we teach our children today, goes out into the real world tomorrow. From generation to generation a mindset is established and attitudes formed by our own parenting. Be aware that what you are modelling for your children: everything that you do and say, everything you teach and reflect will influence what your children believe is best for their next generation of children. At Family Graffiti, we want to revolutionize parenting. Join Us. We are creating the active parenting philosophy of the future. You should start now

 Family Graffiti will create a revolution of parents who accept their children has being a “thinking”, “feeling”, and a “believing” generation of amazing happy children. Think what our children would become, what they would create, how they would bring it all together. Think of the next generation…

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