Top tips for a stress free bedtime!

Newsletter by Family Graffiti | Published on 25th March 2018

Does your child struggle to go off to sleep?

For a Child, going to sleep at night is a difficult transition to make. Children just don’t recognise the need for shut down, no matter how much you tell them they need sleep.

It’s hard for them to comfortably allow themselves to move from an awake state of activity and learning, to an uncontrolled state of sleep.

It’s this ‘blackout time’ that is fraught with the unknown and can easily induce feelings of vulnerability and sensitivity in the naturally reasoning child (5-11years).


Things to avoid:

Avoid allowing your child to fall asleep downstairs on the sofa and then you carry them upstairs to their bedroom. The child will learn incorrect associations when it comes to bedtime (cognitively confusing).

Avoid using the bedroom as a ‘punishment’ room.

Avoid using bedtime as a punishment (“early to bed for you”)

These things to avoid will only encourage negative associations and you want to encourage the child to see the bedroom as being calming and reflective. A place where they can find their sanctuary, rest, peace and good thoughts.


Want some more step-by-step guidance to conquering night time routines, soothing night terrors and top tips for getting a good nights sleep again?

Our online sleep eWorkshop is packed full of how-to tips and guides from bedtime routines to night terrors and anxious sleepers.


  • How to master bedtime routines
  • Is my Child is too scared to sleep?
  • Night terrors
  • Tips to make bedtime routines easier
  • Tips to get your child to go to sleep
  • Things to avoid at bedtime
  • Tips to soothe anxiety

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Parent Toolbox 

Check out our downloadable guide to mastering bedtime routines!

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Our eWorkshops:

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