May 2018 Play-to-learn

Research by Family Graffiti | Published on 8th May 2018

Looking for some Inspiration and Ideas for Play in May?

What is playing to learn?

“Parent and Child Attention Time”, i.e. ‘playing to learn’ is the ideal fun opportunity to empower a child to understand and to learn.

Playing should be fun and creative, full of imagination and laughter, and within all of this the child is recording every received message. Imagine what they are recording from your words, actions, expressions, tone and body language, whilst you happily and willingly play along with your child.


Sensory Play

Mould, shape, draw and explore…. Activities that are perfect for sensory exploration.

Outdoor Play

Suns out, funs out!

Rainy Day Play

Don’t let the rain spoil all the fun…

Role Play

Is your child starting school in September?





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