How to help a child who is self-harming

Research by Family Graffiti | Published on 12th February 2018

When your child starts self-harming, it is natural as a parent to need to find a way to protect them from their self-inflicted injury. You see the injury, but perhaps do not understand the inner turmoil that is causing this issue, nor have a practical solution to stop this self-harming.

Tips that may help any parent in a similar situation

Self-harming is a situation and condition that we have encountered several times in our child care history. It is not rare. However, although there are likely to be psychological aids to help the person committing these acts, self-harming can quickly develop into becoming an addictive habit. It is considered to need psychiatric input from a ‘mental-health’ professional. These referrals should take place via your GP. We are not qualified to diagnose in such cases, but we have sought and found the best advice that we believe may help. This is well researched and reliable guidance.

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