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    Everything Family Graffiti write and everything that we believe, comes down to the Child. The way a childs mind works, what makes them learn and how their feelings relate that learning to their beliefs.

    Regardless of gender, age or ability: basic cognitive function works the same process.

    1. I receive messages (recording machine)
    2. I retain messages (storage cupboard)
    3. I recall messages (when faced with a similar incident)
    4. I react to this recall to achieve my goal (behaviour)
    • This is the human learning process.
    • This functioning is affected when we learn to relate feelings to cognition.
    • This process is only affected by mal-function (physical health limiter), poor learning, our life experiences (which adjust our feelings) and age deterioration (affects memory).

    The cognitive thinking process is a strictly rational learning function that is totally reliant upon the quality of messages received.

    The feelings attachment is an irrational process, it is changeable, dependent upon situations and how we have learnt to link emotionally to our recall.

    “We are all disturbed, not by things or events, but by ‘the views’ that we hold of them” – Albert Ellis.

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