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Welcome to Family Graffiti


Are you a local school, charity, group or organisation who wants to raise awareness and promote education and support for local families in Childhood Mental Health?

We’d love to work with you. 


We run workshops in and around the Lincolnshire area to help families with children who are experiencing difficult behaviours, emotions and feelings. We teach parents cognitive behavioural therapy and solution focused therapy techniques that they can introduce to their everyday parenting to help raise resilient children in the modern world.


Did you know, according to a recent report from Public Health England, that in an average class of 30  15-year-old pupils: 

Three could have a mental disorder

Ten are likely to have witnessed their parents separate 

One could have experienced the death of a parent 

Seven are likely to have been bullied 

Six may be self-harming

We provide a comprehensive service to ensure both parents and children get the help they need from start to finish. We don’t just educate and raise awareness, we offer a full and wide range of mental health services and are dedicated to changing the shape of childhood mental health.

Check out our services page to find out more about us, what we do and how we do it…


What can we do together?

We’re looking to raise awareness, reach more parents and children and improve as many lives as we can. We’d love to work alongside you, your group, charity, organisation or school to promote wellbeing and childhood mental health.

We could…

Co-host one of our workshops for the parents or members of your school, group or organisation

Provide you with a digital pack for you to share packed with tips, guidance and advice on a childhood topic of your choice

We’re also happy to discuss bespoke and tailored solutions if neither of the above suit your needs.


Together, we can make a difference.

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Attended my first workshop today on child behaviour. Really impressed and made to feel welcome. People are very friendly and explained everything in a way you can understand. Highly recommend to anyone looking for help and advice on any issues. I will be booking onto another workshop