We recognise that our services are quite new and different to any other parenting or psychology therapy services out there. So we’ve created a section of our website dedicated to answering your questions:


How do our eWorkshops benefit parents, carers, teachers and children?

Our aim is to teach you child psychology in order to empower your parenting. As well as all of the tips, step-by-step and how-to guides that we pack into our library and eWorkshops our aim is to teach you how a child’s mind works, and what causes them to behave and react the way they do. This will enable you to understand what your child is trying to communicate and this is the best possible tool to ensure you can help them to find a better way to behave.


Why do we work with parents and not directly with children?

In the past we’ve found that children who have short bursts of therapy with a Psychologist do not often benefit as much as they could do because the help they receive is far and few between and staggered. We also find that far too often the parents aren’t taught how to help their child at home in the everyday (when the troubled behaviour occurs). So outside the therapists office there isn’t much in the way of support and guidance in between sessions.

What is more powerful is to teach the parent to bring cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) techniques into their everyday parenting and therefore your child will be receiving the continued (and ongoing) support on demand, as and when they need it.


How will using child psychology and CBT techniques in my parenting benefit my child?

Using Child psychology in parenting just makes so much sense when you discover it. There  are so many children (and adults) that are struggling with depression, anxiety and other mental and social issues in today’s modern world. It’s a tough place to navigate.

Giving parents the tools to soothe, recognise and make a difference to a child’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviours and connections that could trigger these life debilitating mental illnesses is just such a precious gift.

Our techniques and learning allow parents to raise kids that have a resilience and ‘emotional armoury’ to cope with the ever evolving world.


How does Family Graffiti’s parenting technique compare to other mainstream parenting techniques?

Most parenting techniques used by modern families today involve a behaviour management element – ie they stop a behaviour in the short term, but they do not allow a child to learn a better way of behaving in the long term. Behaviour management techniques, such as time out and the naughty step, can create a disconnection between child and parent as the child is receiving a message that the parent does not understand them. When children misbehave they are trying to communicate and tell you that they do not understand how to cope/ understand/ manage/ deal with the trigger. Sitting them on a step and insisting they apologise simply won’t help – they don’t know what they are apologising for!

Family Graffiti’s solution focused parenting approach works to bring a child and parent closer and enhances their bond. The child will trust their parent as a guide who seeks to understand their behaviours and shows (teaches) them new and better ways to behave.

Working with them psychologically on a child-friendly level will automatically prevent the friction, tension and resistance that so often surfaces when you do not take the time to understand and listen. Working psychologically with a child enables them to develop better long term understanding of complex feelings such as fear, worry, stress, anger and upset will equip your child with the skills they need to thrive and become a resilient, happy adult.

Ultimately, Family Graffiti’s parenting technique will lead to a calmer, simpler and happier parenting environment – for both you and your child.