Family Graffiti Studio

Reinvent your parenting technique
Workshops for parents.


Empowering you with the parenting know how-to understand and improve your child’s behaviours.

Working alongside our behavioural specialist you’ll learn:

  • How to recognise behavioural triggers
  • How to manage unwanted behaviours
  • How to inspire better behaviours

Our Workshops are held at Darmon’s Funhouse in Sleaford the first Tuesday of every month, and Fuzzy Ed’s Boston the second Thursday of every month from 1- 2.30pm.


Your first step to happier, calmer and simpler parenting begins today…



Family Graffiti Studio upcoming workshop schedule:



Is your child starting a new school in September? Are you moving house soon? Having a new baby?

Does your child struggle to cope with change and transitions?
Join us for a parent workshop on transitions and changes in June.

We’ll provide you with advice, support and guidance on helping your child to manage and thrive through changes.


Sleaford – Coping with change and transitions
Darmons Funhouse: 12.30 – 2pm – 5th June 2018

Boston – Coping with change and transitions 
Fuzzy Ed’s at the Spirit of the Endeavour : 12.30 – 2pm – 14th June 2018



What is discipline? How do I set boundaries for my child? How do I get my child to listen and follow instructions?

We have the answers, plus an insight into what your child is thinking, feeling and why they react the way they do to boundaries and discipline.


Sleaford – Discipline and boundaries
Darmons Funhouse: 12.30 – 2pm – 3rd July 2018

Boston – Discipline and boundaries
Fuzzy Ed’s at the Spirit of the Endeavour : 12.30 – 2pm – 12th July 2018


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Happier, calmer and simpler parenting…



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Just some of the wonderful feedback we’ve received from our Anxiety workshops….

“Very helpful. I found out that anxiety can be reversed, which is reassuring.”

“It’s opened my eyes to finding alternatives”

“Incredibly helpful”

“Very good all round, good speaker”

“I learnt the reasons behind anxiety and why it happens”