Daily routines for children with autism

Research by Family Graffiti | Published on 22nd May 2017

How can I help my child with autism cope through the day at home?

Daily routines are important for all children, and especially so for children with autism. Communication has to be precise, routines are a comfort and planning is essential.

Autism is NOT anyone’s fault, there is no way it could have been avoided, and it certainly is not the child’s fault, it started to manifest itself within the womb (but it is not the parents fault either). It is a ‘quirk’ of nature, and any one of us could (and maybe have) some mild or strong aspects of autism in our nature.

Autism is a spectrum. No two or more children will be completely alike and each will be at a different place on that spectrum. And every parent, teacher, and caregiver will be at a unique point in their understanding of the child and the spectrum.

Child: “I am a child. My autism is part of who I am, NOT all of what I am.”

The child is a child, not a ‘behaviour’. Recognise them as such.

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