Build a Behaviour Plan…

Interactive two-part Behaviour Plan Building programme.

Work alongside Child Behaviour Expert Morris Barnes in a small group setting and build a bespoke behaviour plan tailored to your child’s needs to manage, soothe, reduce or stop unwanted or difficult behaviours.

Tailored to ensure that you leave with the independent advice, knowledge and support in place that you need to tackle your problem head on.

We specialise in:

  • Childhood Anxiety
  • Communication and family relationships
  • Death, loss, transition and change
  • Anger, tantrums and meltdowns
  • Discipline boundaries and routine
  • Sleep habits and bedtime routines

Over two evening sessions we’ll ensure you have the knowledge, tools and support you need to transform family relationships. and bring calm back to the household.

Bring us a problem and leave with a long term solution.

Plus, we’ll be there if you need us following the event to offer support and guidance to ensure your behaviour plan results in success!

Don’t fight it; right it. Let us help you…


Session 1: We help you to identify the best areas to focus your efforts on to ensure success. We’ll build a behaviour plan and give you some tried and tested solutions to soothe, manage or stop difficult or troublesome behaviours.

Session 2: We’ll look at the week just gone and build on, and improve the behaviour plan to perfection.


Bring us your problem and leave with a long term solution

Join us…


Boston Dates & Times

Session 1: Thursday 21st June – 5.30 ’till 7pm

Session 2: Thursday 28th June – 5.30 ’till 7pm

Fuzzy Ed’s at the spirit of the Endeavour


Tickets are £60 for the entire programme and up to two adults can attend.

Names of attendees:

After feeling like we were getting no help or support from the school we went looking for someone to see if they could find a way of getting through to our son.

After speaking to a family member she recommended Family Graffiti. I went along to a work shop and within 5 minutes of Morris speaking I knew I had found what I was looking for.