The family behind Family Graffiti

Want to know more about how Family Graffiti came about? With a mixture of wisdom, experience and enthusiasm, Family Graffiti was created to provide parents with psychological guidance and support in the comfort of their own home. Family Graffiti has also been set up to help fund a retreat in France designed to offer respite care… a holiday for parents and a therapeutic experience for children. Take a look behind the scenes into how Family Graffiti was founded…



Morris Barnes

Family Graffiti Founder

“I have a professional background in social care, assessing difficult behaviours and teaching. But foremost, I am a father myself.

I have raised my own children and am a therapeutic foster carer, raising children with behavioural and learning difficulties.

With many years practitioner experience in SFBT and CBT therapies. My coaching techniques are a perfect blend of extensive academic research and my own parenting experience

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Nick Barnes

“I’m the techie guy! I work tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring you have a seamless experience on our website.

I ensure you get the help and advice you need on demand, wherever you are, however you need it. We don’t operate 9-5: We are 24/7 just like parenting.

Oh, and I’m also Morris’ son… family really is at the heart of everything we do

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