About Us

Consider our website your personalised parenting handbook, you choose what you want to improve and we help you focus on solving it.

Through a series of online eWorkshops and an on-demand searchable library of parenting guides, we will teach you the psychology behind your child’s behaviours and empower you with the parenting know-how to make a real difference to your child behaviours right from day 1.

We believe knowledge is power, you’ll get real results once you understand what causes your child’s behaviours in the first place.

Our parenting guides are solution focused and include ‘top tips’, ‘how to’ and ‘step by step’ guides to improve every area of your family life.

Our library includes:

  • How your child learns and interprets their world
  • What triggers poor behaviours and the best way to correct them
  • How to recognise and help with childhood anxieties and habits
  • Coping with change – divorce and separation
  • How to inspire better behaviour at home and at school
  • A guide to autism, what it means to be autistic, and how it can effect behaviour and learning
  • An extensive, ever-growing number of parent requested solutions to real-life scenarios, from squabbling siblings and Xbox addictions through to picky eaters

P.S. If you are looking for a more personalised, VIP service then we offer confidential 1-2-1 parent coaching sessions. You’ll get direct contact with the team, just like having a therapist on your sofa.


What we believe in

  • Our beliefs are based on years of qualified experience in social care, psychology, childcare lecturing, parenting and therapeutic foster care. Watching, listening, assessing and caring.
  • We are built on the principle that children’s minds have instinctive learning processors and that good cognition feeds their need for knowledge and mental growth. Good cognition can be created in healthy minds, inspiring an amazing happy child.
  • It is parenting that influences development the most and that creates the person that the child will become. Learning is most influential when made during early years, but early failings can be repaired at any stage of developing life providing the recipient is prepared to seek change.
  • Parents have the responsibility of guiding the child’s cognition and this bond of developing trust and respect provides a strong base for future behaviours, beliefs and compliance.
  • It is cognition that builds self-knowledge and effective coping strategies for all beings, and as the child grows these conditionings strengthen to form ‘self-based’ attitudes. So getting it right early or repairing as soon as possible is essential to the child’s future.
  • Grading emotional wellness is a powerful measure of how the child feels, at all stages during their cognitive development and onwards into adult life. Even babies have feelings, help them to understand them and use them to their advantage.
  • Children are the future parents. We owe it to ourselves and to them to help our children be the best that they can be. A revolution of childcare thinking is needed now.