1-2-1 Sessions

Cognitive Behavioural Family Therapy

Family Graffiti offer two types of 1-2-1 CBFT sessions: face2face and online



1-2-1 Cognitive Behavioural Family Therapy Session. £45

Our ‘in-person’ sessions are available throughout Lincolnshire. Our face2face sessions last for 1 hour, and you will leave with an action plan and the confidence to tackle your parenting problem head-on.

We are solution focused and not regressive therapists, so we will listen to your needs and then offer advice, support and guidance on how to move forward and solve your problems. Following the session, you will be sent a digital overview of our session together and a copy of your action plan, along with some downloadable guides, tips and advice sheets to support your action plan and ensure you achieve success.

To book face2face Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions please use the contact page to message us directly. Please include a brief overview of what you hope to achieve from your 1-2-1 session and an indication of your availability. 



Digital email Cognitive Behavioural Family Therapy Sessions. £30

Our digital sessions take place via email, please fill in the form below with as much detail as possible. Once we receive your form, through a series of emails, we will work together to solve your parenting problem. Just like the face2face session we will devise an action plan and provide you with all of the parenting tools and know-how you will need to succeed and transform the family home.


All 1-2-1 sessions will be followed up, and you will be sent supporting information and the tools you need to implement your action plan and ensure success.


Your information

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Child’s information

Your situation

Your journey to happier, calmer and simpler parenting starts right now!

Should you want any additional guidance or help following our first email, you can at any time within 7 days, choose to continue with ongoing support for just £45 per ongoing email exchange (payment required in advance).

Please allow at least 72 hours to receive our first response. This gives us time to consider all relevant factors.


Find out more about how Cognitive Behavioural family Therapy can benefit you and your child…

A breath of fresh air! Great to have a team so passionate about what they do!

Morris and Gemma are amazing and have pointed me in a direction where I can actually see the end of the tunnel after the first 1-2-1 meeting. Thank you so much keep up the amazing work